How Heavy is Apple Vision Pro? Weight Specs, Comfort & More

Apple Vision Pro is a cool device that lets you see and do amazing things. But some people wonder if it is too heavy. It weighs about the same as a big phone or a small tablet.

Does this weight hurt your neck or make you uncomfortable?

In this article, we will find out how heavy is Apple Vision Pro and how it’s weight affects you and how to use it in a good way.

We will also learn if there is a downside to this awesome device and how to avoid it.

How Heavy is Apple Vision Pro?

According to the official tech specs, the Apple Vision Pro weighs between 21.2 to 22.9 ounces (600 to 650 grams).

This weight varies depending on the Light Seal and headband configuration.

For comparison, this is about the weight of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (24 ounces/682 grams) and much heavier than the Meta Quest 3, which weighs 18.2 ounces (516 grams) and PlayStation VR2 (19.8 ounces/560 grams).

Apple Vision Pro is presented in exhibition by Apple. The headset is placed on a stand. Some people are visible in the background.

It’s important to note that the weight of the Apple Vision Pro does not include the battery.

The battery pack, which is attached via a USB-C cable to the device and is meant to be slipped into a pocket, weighs an additional 12.5 ounces (353 grams) on its own.

When you add it all up, the entire package weighs more than two pounds. That’s a significant amount of weight strapped to your face and body.

Apple Vision Pro vs Competitors

Here is a comparison of the Apple Vision Pro’s weight with other VR headsets in the market:

VR HeadsetWeight (ounces)
Apple Vision Pro21.2 – 22.9
Meta Quest 217.7
Meta Quest 318.2
Sony PlayStation VR219.7
Meta Quest Pro25.5
Valve Index28.6

Please note that these weights are for the headsets only and do not include any additional components like batteries or controllers.

Also, the weight of the Apple Vision Pro can vary depending on the Light Seal and headband configuration.

Effects of Apple Vision Pro’s Weight On Health?

Unfortunately, the specific effects of the Apple Vision Pro’s weight on health haven’t been extensively studied yet, since the device is relatively new.

However, we can draw some conclusions based on the weight itself and research on similar VR headsets.

1. Possible Negative Effects

Apple Vision Pro is a new and advanced headset introduced by Apple with relatively more weight.

How this extra weight on your head can affect your health, let’s figure it out:

  • Neck Strain and Pain: Weighing around 21.2 oz – 22.9 oz, the Vision Pro sits on your head, potentially straining the neck muscles, especially during prolonged use. This could lead to pain, discomfort, and even long-term issues if not addressed.
  • Postural Stress: Poor posture caused by holding your head up due to the weight can put additional strain on your back and shoulders.
  • Eye Strain: While not directly related to weight, prolonged VR use can cause eye strain due to focusing on close-up screens. This could be exacerbated by weight-induced discomfort.
  • Increased Risk of VR Sickness: Research suggests heavier VR headsets may contribute to motion sickness or discomfort due to increased proprioceptive mismatch (sensory inconsistency between visual and physical experience).

2. Potential Positive Effects

Beyond its downsides, this device can have positive effects too. Let’s explore them:

  • Increased Awareness of Posture: The weight might encourage you to maintain a better posture for comfort, potentially benefiting overall musculoskeletal health.
  • Increased Neck Muscle Strength: Regular use could lead to strengthened neck muscles, providing better support and potentially reducing future discomfort.

User Experience

Despite its weight, the Apple Vision Pro offers a unique user experience. It comes with a 3D display system, an 8-core CPU, a 10-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine.

It also supports a variety of input accessories like keyboards, trackpads, and game controllers.

However, the weight of the device could potentially affect its comfort and usability, especially during prolonged use.

This is something potential users should consider before making a purchase.


In conclusion, the Apple Vision Pro is indeed a heavy device compared to other headsets in the market.

However, its advanced features and capabilities might make it a worthwhile investment for some users.

As always, it’s recommended to try the device personally to assess its comfort and usability.

Remember, technology is only as good as the comfort it provides to its users. So, make sure to consider all aspects, including weight, before investing in a device like the Apple Vision Pro.

How Heavy is Apple Vision Pro


1. Does the head strap affect weight distribution?

Yes! Different head straps can make a big difference. Wider straps and padding help spread the weight, reducing pressure on your neck. Opting for a comfortable, well-fitting strap is key.

2. Can the weight cause neck strain or fatigue?

It’s a possibility. Weighing over a pound, the Vision Pro puts strain on your neck muscles. While some find it manageable, prolonged use can lead to discomfort, fatigue, and even pain. Listen to your body and take breaks!

3. Should certain people avoid the Vision Pro due to weight?

Individuals with pre-existing neck or posture issues should consult a doctor before using the Vision Pro. If you experience discomfort during your trial period, it’s best to consider alternatives.

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