Will Apple Vision Pro Work With Steam? A Gamer’s Guide

Apple’s release of the Vision Pro headset on February 2, 2024, has sparked excitement among gamers and VR enthusiasts.

Many are wondering: will the Apple Vision Pro seamlessly integrate with Steam, the go-to platform for PC gaming and virtual reality experiences?

Let’s examine the compatibility between Apple Vision Pro and Steam, including present limitations and future possibilities.

Will Apple Vision Pro Work With Steam?

At present, Apple Vision Pro’s operating system, visionOS, lacks native compatibility with Steam.

This is primarily due to visionOS being a closed platform with restricted app distribution channels, diverging from the open ecosystem embraced by Steam.

Additionally, the absence of native SteamVR support on visionOS poses a significant barrier for gamers looking to access their favorite titles through Steam.

AspectApple Vision ProSteam
Operating SystemvisionOSWindows, macOS, Linux
App DistributionClosed platformOpen ecosystem
Native SteamVR SupportNoYes

Workarounds and Alternatives

While direct compatibility may be elusive for now, resourceful gamers can explore alternative avenues to access Steam content on Apple Vision Pro.

Cloud gaming services and remote desktop software offer potential workarounds.

A woman is playing a game while wearing her Apple Vision Pro headset.

This allows you to stream your favorite Steam games to the Vision Pro headset.

Additionally, the Apple Vision Pro App Store provides a curated selection of VR-compatible games and experiences, offering an alternative gaming ecosystem for you to explore.

Implications and Comparisons

When it comes to Steam compatibility, different VR headsets offer varying degrees of integration with the platform.

Let’s compare how the Apple Vision Pro stacks up against some popular options among PC gamers:

1. Oculus Quest 2

Platform: Independent platform with its own app store.

SteamVR Compatibility: Limited. While Oculus Quest 2 users can access some SteamVR content through third-party applications like Virtual Desktop, the integration is not seamless and may require additional setup.

2. Valve Index

Platform: High-end VR headset designed specifically for PC gaming.

SteamVR Support: Full support. As a product directly from Valve, the Index offers seamless integration with SteamVR, providing PC gamers with access to the entire Steam library of VR titles.

3. PlayStation VR 2

Platform: Exclusive to PlayStation 5 consoles.

SteamVR Compatibility: Not applicable. PlayStation VR 2 is designed exclusively for use with PlayStation 5 consoles and does not support SteamVR, limiting its compatibility with PC gaming setups.

Future of VR Gaming with Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro is a high-performance VR headset that has the power of a computer. It is expected to push virtual reality technology into the mainstream.

The headset is capable of running iPad apps, including high-end games, which will encourage developers to create exciting new VR games for Apple’s headset.

The Vision Pro is expected to focus on gaming, work, and communication, and introduce the world to spatial computing.

Meta, the company behind the Quest 2, is reportedly optimistic about Apple entering the market and sees it as a collaborator in pushing virtual reality technology into the mainstream.


To wrap it up, the question of Apple Vision Pro’s compatibility with Steam underscores the complexities of innovation in the gaming industry.

While challenges remain, the potential for collaboration and adaptation offers hope for a future where gamers can seamlessly enjoy their favorite titles on Apple’s latest headset.

As we navigate this exciting frontier, let’s continue the conversation and share our visions for the future of VR gaming.

Will Apple Vision Pro Work With Steam


Can I play Steam games directly on Apple Vision Pro?

No, not currently. Steam runs on Windows and Linux, while Apple Vision Pro uses a different operating system called visionOS. This incompatibility means Steam games and SteamVR won’t run natively on the headset.

Are there any workarounds to play Steam games on Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, there are a few options:
Remote Desktop: Use software like Parsec or Moonlight to remotely connect to a PC running Steam and stream the games to your Vision Pro.
Cloud Gaming: Services like GeForce Now or Stadia offer limited compatibility with VR games, allowing you to play specific titles through the cloud.
Sideloading: Technically savvy users might be able to sideload some Steam games through alternative app stores, but this requires advanced knowledge and can be unreliable.

Will Apple Vision Pro ever be compatible with Steam?

It’s possible, but uncertain. Valve, the company behind Steam, could develop a visionOS app, and Apple could open up its platform for more third-party apps. However, there are no official announcements or guarantees at this time.

4. What are the alternatives to Steam for VR gaming on Apple Vision Pro?

visionOS App Store: Explore the new App Store for VR experiences specifically designed for visionOS.
Standalone Games: Look for VR games available directly on the Apple Vision Pro without requiring Steam.
Other Platforms: Consider VR headsets like Oculus Quest 2 with its own app store or Valve Index for full SteamVR compatibility, but note they require separate hardware.

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