Outrage Over Young American Millionaire’s Apple Vision Pro Bragging, Fuelled by Vulgar Burj Khalifa Reference


  • Wealthy Disparagement: A millionaire openly mocks the financial constraints of less privileged individuals, particularly their inability to afford the Apple Vision Pro.
  • Crude Comparison: In a distasteful turn, the individual equates the towering stature of the Burj Khalifa with the imagery of a male organ, adding a vulgar twist to their derogatory remarks.
  • Dangerous Endorsement: Shockingly, the millionaire promotes the use of the Apple Vision Pro while driving, raising serious safety concerns regarding distracted driving and potential accidents.
  • Raises safety concerns over the new gadget being used on roads and more!

In a recent video that has set social media ablaze, American millionaire Shahid Anwar has incited widespread condemnation for his disparaging comments targeting individuals of lesser financial means.

The video, which showcases Anwar flaunting his opulent lifestyle while deriding those he refers to as “poor people,” has triggered a storm of controversy over its insensitive and elitist content.

Young American Millionaire Mocking People with Apple Vision Pro
Shahid Anwar, mocking “poor people” wearing Vision Pro

Opening with a signature tone of condescension, Anwar addresses his audience using the term “Ghareebo” (Peasants), setting the stage for a display of extravagance and scorn. He proudly unveils his latest acquisition, the Apple Vision Pro, boasting about its staggering price tag of $4000 and insinuating that his viewers could never hope to afford such luxury.

What ensues is a series of derogatory remarks aimed at the perceived behaviors of the less privileged.

Anwar suggests that even if they were to obtain the Apple Vision Pro, they would likely misuse it for purposes such as watching pornography or engaging in other “meaningless” activities. His comments not only reveal a profound lack of empathy but also perpetuate harmful stereotypes about poverty and its causes.

Interestingly, he termed the erection of the male organ as “Burj Khalifa”, refering to one of the world’s tallest building. He mocked that “poor people” are poor because they are overly focused on entertainment and even, porn addiction.

Further, Anwar’s cavalier attitude towards conducting his business activities (Amazon, Dropshipping, buying AirBNBs) behind the wheel while utilizing the device sets a dangerous precedent.

Shahid Anwar - Standing in front of his home and collection of luxury cars (1)
Shahid Anwar – Standing in front of his home and collection of luxury cars (1)

Such behavior not only endangers his own life but also poses a serious threat to the safety of fellow motorists and pedestrians. By glorifying the idea of operating immersive gadgets like the Apple Vision Pro while driving on busy roadways, Anwar not only disregards basic principles of road safety but also contributes to the normalization of distracted driving, a phenomenon that claims countless lives each year.

As the video draws to a close, Anwar delivers a final blow to his audience, urging them to “Kaam p jao” (Get back to work) with a palpable disdain that further underscores his contempt for those he deems beneath him.

His callous disregard for the struggles of others and his glorification of wealth and privilege serves as a stark reminder of the deep-seated inequalities that continue to plague our society.

With reactions pouring in from outraged viewers and concerned citizens, Anwar finds himself at the center of a burgeoning controversy. Many are calling for accountability and a reassessment of the values promoted by influencers like Anwar, whose words and actions wield significant influence over impressionable audiences.

While many look upto Anwar and the likes as the inspirational icons as well.

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